ORO DENTAL CARE CENTERE, SANJEVANI HOSPITAL has the state of the art equipment, electronic dental chair , Intral oral camera, light cure, ultra sonic scaler, pathology laboratory, radiology unit with X-ray , C T Scan, Ultra sonography, and we use all the latest and high quality dental materials to carry out various surgical and restorative techniques which makes a world of difference in diagnosis and treatment. With well-qualified and competent dental surgeons, and many other experienced visiting consultants, comprehensive dental treatment including specialized procedures is carried out. We are fully equipped to treat those patients who need medical back up during treatment as well as for those who require complex dental and faciomaxillary surgical procedures.

All advanced dental treatment facilities including single sitting root canal treatment, veneers - composite and porcelain, teeth whitening / bleaching, flap surgeries, dental implants, orthodontic treatment, smile-designing. Routine dental treatment facilities such as scaling and oral - prophylaxis, crown and bridge work, routine dental surgical procedures, cosmetic fillings etc.

Cosmetic facial surgery procedures to correct protruded / retruded jaws, severely misaligned teeth, unsightly noses etc. In general, surgical correction of dental and facial deformities.


Sterilization Using steam under pressure, hot air and boiling water& additional methods to sterilize hand-pieces.
Treatment technique Treatment techniques are selected and employed giving prime importance to infection control



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